Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is committed to creating a more just and equitable world. As such, we have taken the Hello Seven Anti-Racist Pledge.


Beyond Your Wildest Dreams is not just a course, it’s a philosophy. For too long, moms and other caregivers have backburnered their hopes and dreams by prioritizing everyone else first. However, studies have shown that empowering women improves society as a whole. Numerous studies have shown that empowered women improve economies, increase access to healthcare and education for others, and strengthen communities.

We are committed to putting the power of planning into the hands of women everywhere so they can achieve their goals, create wealth, and impact the next generation.

The critical skill of planning has been overlooked in our educational system and is only taught in a small percentage of professional education settings, however, everyone can benefit from it. Imagine a society where everyone feels able to plan for, work toward, and achieve their goals. Giving this information to moms is the fastest way to create culture change because it’s a skill they can pass on to their kids—irregardless of gender—and thus, change society.

When women are empowered, Society wins.

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