Three Simple Strategies to Get Your To-Do List Done!

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Does it feel like your To-Do list just keeps growing and growing?

Give us an hour and we'll show you how to turn your To-Do list into your To-Done list!

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Turn Your To-Dos Into To-Dones, A recorded 1-hour Workshop.

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Alegre: I saw Natascha, and a couple of other friends, struggling with my favorite planner and I realized that the issue was that they weren't really planning, they were just using them as calendars. They didn't have the mental framework to maximize the planners.

Natascha: Once Alegre started coaching me on "how to plan", that's when things clicked.

If you're like most caregivers, you probably feel like you're just holding on for dear life, because damn, taking care of others is a WILD RIDE. Schedules are constantly changing, multiple people have a claim on your time, and your goals and dreams keep getting shuffled lower and lower on the priority scale. If you have kids, you might even have I resigned yourself to waiting to pursue your goals until they are grown.

"If you want something different,

You have to DO something different."

~Jack Canfield